April 5-7, 2019 Weekend Retreat

Many creative people are drawn to other creative endeavors that lie outside their main field of focus. They use these types of artistic expression as a vehicle to new observations, new ways of comparing and interpreting the world around them. A visual artist perceives an idea for a painting by watching a video or play. A videographer gets a great idea for a film by listening to music. A musician reads a story and hears the music beneath it and begins to compose. A writer creates a story within the lines, dimension, and texture of visual art. At Rockvale, we honor all types of creative expression and are committed to exploring the relationships between them. 

In The Artful Writer Weekend Workshop, we’ll explore the connection between image and word. We’ll delve into the world of visual art and see how it can inspire and enhance our writing. We’ll start with several Ekphrastic exercises (writing in response to paintings and photography) and then try our hand at creating our own visual art with the aim of writing towards those pieces at the end of the weekend. We’ll study geometric patterns and practice the art of meditative doodling. There’s no need to worry that you’re not an “artist” or that you can’t “draw.” You can do this and you’ll be amazed at the beautiful things you create. You’ll be equally amazed at the words you write that are inspired by visual art.